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  • Tax Planning and Tax Reduction

    Tax Planning and Tax Reduction

    Tax Planning with a focus on Tax Reduction is a core service!



    The Rescue Squad for

    Troubled and Overtaxed Taxpayers


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    For a Free Consultation

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  • Tax Resolution Services

    Tax Resolution Services

    Offer In Compromise - Wage Garnishments - Bank Levies - IRS Liens - Penalties - Installment Agreements


    The Rescue Squad for Troubled and Overtaxed Taxpayers


    Call 800 829 7483

    for a Free Consultation

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  • Profit Maximization

    Profit Maximization

    Squeeze More Profit Out Of Your Existing Business




    The Rescue Squad for Troubled and Overtaxed Taxpayers


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    For a Free Consultation

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  • Tax Recovery

    Tax Recovery

    Concerned You Overpaid Your Taxes?

    Get A Second Option!



    The Rescue Squad for Troubled and Overtaxed Taxpayers


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    for a Free Consultation

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Tax Relief - Tax Resolution

Tax Relief - Tax Resolution

Already in tax trouble? Wage garnishments, tax levies or liens on your mind? Relax, your initial consultation is FREE, our tax consultants will review your case.

Offer in Compromise

Wage Garnishments

Release Bank Levies

Audit Representation

View our Index of IRS Tax Issues


Business Profit Maximization Strategies

Business Profit Maximization Strategies. We have helped a number of companies grow from 1 and 2 owner businesses to companies with hundreds of employees

Starting A Business

Growing Your Business

Selling/Exiting Your Business

Running Your Business

Securing Business Loans

Business Profit Maximization Strategies


CPA Accounting Services

CPAs add credibility to management's financial representations by assuring that the financial statements conform to accounting principles.

CPS Accountant or Bookkeeper

CPA as Advisor to Small Business

CPA Personal Financial Advisor-Financial Planner

CPA Accounting Services



Tax Preparation-Planning

Tax Preparation-Planning

Need help in reducing your tax exposure? A tax reduction strategy requires planning and execution, tax consulting should be a proactive enterprise for your business.

Business Tax Preparation

Business Tax Planning

Individual Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Planning

Other Tax Preparation and Planning Subjects


Tax Help Resources

Must Read Posts for current information, news, changes to the tax code, and other items that can save you money and heartaches.

Tax Blogs and other Resources

IRS Notices Forms and Letters

Tax FAQs

Tax Help Video Library





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Legacy Tax and Resolution Services, is a premiere tax relief and tax services company with over 20 years experience in the tax planning and tax resolution field and has the expertise to handle any of your IRS Tax problems. Keeping your taxes as low as allowable by law, protecting your assets, and maximizing tax deductions, within IRS tax compliance is our focus.Tax professionals at Legacy Tax and Resolution Services will relieve your tax and IRS anxieties, make your case and resolve your IRS Tax Issues and tax debt. Going it alone against an IRS audit, releasing a levy, or stopping a wage or bank garnishment is not a good idea. Professional tax consultants will understand your issue and get you the correct solution and a better outcome. Tax questions?  Call today for a free IRS Tax Relief consultation 480 907 6644.

Need more information? See our video library for specific problems and typical resolutions (Video)

Recent Blog Postings

Arizona Department of Revenue a tax notice for contractors paying tax on materials.

On January 1, 2015 the structure of prime contractor classification of the Transaction Privilege Tax ("TPT") changed. This changed how and when tax is paid on materials purchased by contractors.Under the new law, a "prime contractor" is a person or organization that undertakes to or offers to undertake to, or purports to have the capacity to undertake to, or submits a bid to, or does personally or through others, modify any building, highway, road, railroad, excavation, manufactured building, or other structure, project, development or improvement, or do any part of such project, including scaffolding or other structure or works in connection with such a project, and includes subcontractors and specialty contractors. more

36 Tax Filing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Taxes are hard enough without being frustrated by an IRS notice.  Most people freak out when they get an IRS notice, so below are 36 common mistakes and how to avoid them.  This list is based on common mistakes listed by the IRS

7 Common Sales Tax Errors and their Fixes

No one likes calculating, collecting, remitting, or filing taxes, nor do they enjoy tracking exemption certificates, sales tax holidays, or product taxability. It’s easy to be lured into a false sense of compliance when it comes to sales tax. This false sense of security may be leading some companies to a point of no return. The following seven common sales tax errors may each have potentially devastating consequences.


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